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Support systems among urban IDPs in Georgia

TitleSupport systems among urban IDPs in Georgia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSingh, N, Robinson, C
JournalForced Migration Review
ISBN Number14609819
KeywordsBALTIMORE (Md.), FORCED migration, GEORGIA (Republic), INTERNALLY displaced persons -- Social conditions, JOHN Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Baltimore, Md.), MARYLAND, MIGRATION, Internal, REFUGEES, RURAL-urban migration, SOCIAL networks, Social Support, TBILISI (Georgia)

The article reports on research on social support and social networks among internally displaced people in Tbilisi, Georgia that was conducted in 2009 by researchers from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School for Public health and the Institute for Policy Studies in Tbilisi. the research found that while internally displaced people may come into contact with social networks in urban settings, the connections they develop with them may be too weak to be helpful. The research also found that the rebuilding of strong social support systems among refugees is hindered by the disruption produced by their displacement and their living conditions.