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Social Changes in Women's Roles, Families, and Generational Ties

TitleSocial Changes in Women's Roles, Families, and Generational Ties
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAgree, EM
Date PublishedSummerSummer 20172017-09-29
ISBN Number07387806
Accession Number1944220255
KeywordsAdults, age, Aging, Baby boomers, birth, Births, Census of Population, Cultural pluralism, demographics, demography, DIVORCE, Families & family life, Family, Females, Fertility, Generations, Gerontology, Gerontology And Geriatrics, Intergenerational Relations, Journals, Marriage, Mens health, Mortality, Older people, Parents & parenting, Sex roles, Social Change, Social sciences, trends, United States--US, women, Womens roles

There has been much speculation around the aging of the Baby Boom Generation because it was at the forefront of turbulent social changes in women's roles, marriage, and childbearing. This article addresses the ways in which population aging is intertwined with family change, and how intergenerational relations in later life are being transformed by social and demographic changes. Increasing diversity of family types and potentially weaker family ties raise the possibility of challenges to come in the next century.