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Mind-body therapies in children and youth

TitleMind-body therapies in children and youth
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsVohra, S, McClafferty, H, Becker, D, Bethell, C, Culbert, T, King-Jones, S, Rosen, L, Sibinga, E, Bailey, M, Weydert, J, Brown, M, Salus, T
Type of ArticleArticle

Mind-body therapies are popular and are ranked among the top 10 complementary and integrative medicine practices reportedly used by adults and children in the 2007-2012 National Health Interview Survey. A growing body of evidence supports the effectiveness and safety of mindbody therapies in pediatrics. This clinical report outlines popular mindbody therapies for children and youth and examines the best-available evidence for a variety of mind-body therapies and practices, including biofeedback, clinical hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation, and yoga. The report is intended to help health care professionals guide their patients to nonpharmacologic approaches to improve concentration, help decrease pain, control discomfort, or ease anxiety. © Copyright 2016 by the American Academy of Pediatrics.