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Cumulative Violence Exposures: Black Women's Responses and Sources of Strength

TitleCumulative Violence Exposures: Black Women's Responses and Sources of Strength
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSabri, B, Holliday, CN, Alexander, KA, Huerta, J, Cimino, A, Callwood, GB, Campbell, JC
JournalSoc Work Public Health
Date PublishedMay-Jun
ISBN Number1937-190X (Electronic)1937-190X (Linking)
Accession Number26954765
KeywordsBlack women, Cumulative victimization, Intimate partner abuse, sources of strength

Black women with cumulative violence exposures (CVE) may have unique needs for health care and safety. Qualitative data was analyzed from interviews with nine Black women with CVE to explore factors that motivated women to leave abusive relationships, women's sources of strengths, and their responses to abuse. Quantitative data (N = 163) was analyzed to examine relationships between CVEs by intimate partner and health among Black women to further characterize the challenges these women face in making changes and finding their sources of strengths. Findings highlight the need to assess for CVE and identify multiple motivators for change, sources of strengths and coping strategies that could be potential points of intervention for women with CVE.