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The consequences of principal and teacher turnover for school social resources

TitleThe consequences of principal and teacher turnover for school social resources
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsHanselman, P, Grigg, J, Bruch, SK, Gamoran, A
ISBN Number14793539 (ISSN)
KeywordsPrincipal leadership, Principal turnover, School limate, Teacher community, Teacher turnover, trust

Staff turnover may have important consequences for the development of collective social resources based on trust, shared norms, and support among school professionals. We outline the theoretical role-specific consequences of principal and teacher turnover for features of principal leadership and teacher community, and we test these ideas in repeated teacher survey data from a sample of 73 Los Angeles elementary schools. We find evidence that principal turnover fundamentally disrupts but does not systematically decrease relational qualities of principal leadership; negative changes for initially high social resource schools offset positive changes for initially low social resource schools, suggesting that relational instability "resets" the resources that develop in the relationships between leadership and teachers. Greater consistency in measures of teacher community in the face of teacher turnover implies that the social resources inhering in the relationships among teachers are more robust to instability. Copyright © 2016 by Emerald Group Publishing Limited.