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Bridging the Silos of Service Delivery for High-Need, High-Cost Individuals

TitleBridging the Silos of Service Delivery for High-Need, High-Cost Individuals
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSherry, M, Wolff, JL, Ballreich, J, DuGoff, E, Davis, K, Anderson, G
JournalPopul Health Manag
Date PublishedDec
ISBN Number1942-7891
Accession Number27006987

Health care reform efforts that emphasize value have increased awareness of the importance of nonmedical factors in achieving better care, better health, and lower costs in the care of high-need, high-cost individuals. Programs that care for socioeconomically disadvantaged, high-need, high-cost individuals have achieved promising results in part by bridging traditional service delivery silos. This study examined 5 innovative community-oriented programs that are successfully coordinating medical and nonmedical services to identify factors that stimulate and sustain community-level collaboration and coordinated care across silos of health care, public health, and social services delivery. The authors constructed a conceptual framework depicting community health systems that highlights 4 foundational factors that facilitate community-oriented collaboration: flexible financing, shared leadership, shared data, and a strong shared vision of commitment toward delivery of person-centered care.