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This site is in development and currently contains partial content. The formal launch of the site will be in the Spring.

  • Developing the next generation of great clinicians, researchers, educators, and leaders requires superb educators with expert teaching skills. Teaching and education are vital parts of the missions of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and faculty development is critical to improve learner outcomes and enhance teacher satisfaction.

    In an effort to bring the most effective and evidence-based teaching strategies to everyone in the global community, and through the generosity of the Dr. Mohan Swami Institute for International Medical Education (SIIME), the Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE) has compiled a series of valuable resources in this website.  Our goal is to provide practical teaching tips, promote self-reflection, network and share ideas. We believe this can ultimately lead to better patient care, science, scholarship and leadership. Each section of this website invites your comments and feedback. Thanks for visiting! 

  • All those who teach in medical and biomedical settings. Diverse settings such as scientific laboratories, ambulatory and inpatient clinical settings, the operating room, small group rooms and the lecture hall have one thing in common – the need for teaching excellence. Teaching comes in many forms. Knowledge, skills and techniques are shared, patient care and discovery is promoted, and effective behaviors are modeled. As a result, we have designed these resources to be useful to everyone who teaches, including faculty, residents, fellows, graduate students, medical students and allied health professionals. Our program is based on the core principles of adult learning theory which acknowledges that learners bring a great deal of life experience and  goal orientation to their education. Furthermore, they seek practical and relevant instruction. As a result, the topics included in these web modules have been selected based on needs assessments done through the IEE as well as from the experience of long standing faculty development programs at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions (JHMI).

  • Information about Teaching Methods, Assessment, Adult Learning Principles and Learners as Teachers will ultimately be included.  We have a Useful Resource section. Lastly, concept maps demonstrate how everything fits together. Click on any of them and you will see the overview, followed by more specific topics which provide practical tips for making your teaching more effective. With each exercise, there are opportunities for self-preparation and reflection. You can do as much or as little of this as you feel necessary. Finally, we seek your comments through the use of discussion threads under each topic. These comments will help mold the module, and allow for your thoughts to be shared with colleagues.  

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