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Disparities in Cancer Screening Practices among Minority and Underrepresented Populations

TitleDisparities in Cancer Screening Practices among Minority and Underrepresented Populations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGray, TF, Cudjoe, J, Murphy, J, Thorpe, R. J., J, Wenzel, J, Han, HR
JournalSemin Oncol Nurs
Date PublishedMay
ISBN Number0749-2081
Accession Number28392171
KeywordsCancer incidence, cancer prevention and control, cancer screening, Health disparities, Minorities, screening

OBJECTIVES: To review current evidence about cancer screening challenges that lead to cancer health disparities in minority populations. DATA SOURCES: Research reports, published journal articles, web sites, and clinical practice observations. CONCLUSION: There are significant disparities that exist in cancer screening practices among racial and ethnic minority and underrepresented populations, resulting in disproportionately higher cancer mortality rates in these populations. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: Nurses are positioned to lead in educating, promoting, and bringing awareness to cancer screening recommendationsand current cancer prevention guidelines for at-risk individuals, and help them to implement these guidelines to reduce incidence and mortality.