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Carry-out Restaurant Intervention Increases Purchases of Healthy Food

TitleCarry-out Restaurant Intervention Increases Purchases of Healthy Food
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsLee-Kwan, SH, Yong, R, Bleich, SN, Kwan, NH, Park, JH, Lawrence, R, Gittelsohn, J
JournalJournal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1932-02481932-0256
KeywordsAdult, African American, article, assessment of humans, carry-out, catering service, confidence interval, controlled study, demography, feeding behavior, Female, food away from home, food desert, healthy food, human, Intervention, intervention exposure score, intervention study, Low-income, lowest income group, major clinical study, Male, multiple linear regression analysis, pilot study, point of purchase intervention, prepared food, priority journal, purchasing, randomized controlled trial, United States, urban area

A pilot multiphase environmental intervention (February to September 2011) was conducted in 4 intervention and 4 comparison carry-outs in low-income urban areas of Baltimore, Maryland, to examine the association between exposure to a point-of-purchase intervention and purchasing behavior among customers (n = 186). Intervention exposure score (IES; range: 0–24) combined the number of intervention materials seen. Multivariate linear regression calculated an adjusted beta-coefficient (β) and 95% confidence intervals for a diversity of healthy items (DHI) purchased, adjusting for sociodemographic and eating out behavioral factors. Intervention customers purchased 4.5 DHI, whereas comparison customers purchased less than 1 (P <.001). Those who reported high intervention exposure purchased more DHI (β = 5.0, 95% confidence interval, 2.3–7.7) than those with low exposure. An environmental intervention at carry-outs increased healthy item purchasing among low-income consumers. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.