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Public Policy in an Uncertain World: Ely Lectures by Charles Manski

Economist Charles Manski will be giving this year's Ely lectures in Economics on "Public Policy in an Uncertain World" (see attached flyer). This talk promises to be of particular interest to HPC Associates.

The talk is based on his recent book:

The blurb describes it as follows:
"Public policy advocates routinely assert that “research has shown” a particular policy to be desirable. But how reliable is the analysis in the research they invoke? And how does that analysis affect the way policy is made, on issues ranging from vaccination to minimum wage to FDA drug approval? Charles F. Manski argues here that current policy is based on untrustworthy analysis. By failing to account for uncertainty in an unpredictable world, policy analysis misleads policy makers with expressions of certitude. Public Policy in an Uncertain World critiques the status quo and offers an innovation to improve how policy research is conducted and how policy makers use research."